Summer Programs

High school students in Clackamas County can participate in college credit programs all year long! Clackamas Community College (CCC) has five High School Connections programs offered during the regular school year as well as summer programming.

CTE Summer Camps

Over 360 students signed up for the free Career and Technical Education (CTE) Summer Camps. Camps are free, thanks to funding from the Clackamas Promise Grant, provided by the Oregon Department of Education. Lunch will be provided and transportation assistance is available from the student's high school to the college.

Camps have limited space and a weighted lottery was used to determine placement. The weighted lottery gave priority placement to students from historically underrepresented groups (students of color, students with disabilities, students with low socio-economic status and students with limited access to accelerated learning programs).

Students and families have been notified about camp placement. Students who were placed into camp have until May 24 to complete necessary steps. Students who are on the wait list will be notified on May 29 about potential placement. Students and families who have requested transportation assistance will receive additional information by June 7.

Note: Students from the North Clackamas School District can request a release from their high school to participate in camp on Monday and Tuesday. Students can join camp on Tuesday, June 18, but will not be able to register for college credit. Students are not able to join camp after Tuesday. Students are not able to attend camp for partial days, camp runs from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Summer Scholars

Summer Scholars gives students an opportunity to get ahead by taking general education requirements like writing and math during the college’s eight-week summer term. Summer Scholars is available to students who live and go to school in Clackamas County and are completing 11th or 12th grade in spring 2019.

Students participating in Summer Scholars can take up to 12 college credits (full-time) tuition free! Students are responsible for all course fees and textbook costs.

Students must commit to:

  • Attend college classes during the entire eight-week summer term, June 24 - Aug. 16
  • Take in-person/on-campus classes only, no online offerings permitted
  • Register for a free and specific Summer Scholars First Year Experience class (no fees or books)
  • Meet with an academic advisor prior to registration

The Summer Scholars program is limited to 100 students in 2019. Registration is first-come, first-served.

Priority registration deadline is May 1. Applications will be accepted until June 1.

Students can select courses from a variety of subjects, including communications, math, social sciences and writing. Students must select courses from the table below and meet course prerequisites:

Course NumberCourse TitleCreditsCourse Fees*Book Cost
WR-121English Composition4$49$0-90
WR-122English Composition4$49$0-90
FYE-101First Year Experience I2$0$0
FYE-102First Year Experience II1$0$0
COMM-111Public Speaking4$32$0
MTH-105Math in Society4$52$0
MTH-111College Algebra5$100$126
MTH-112Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus5$60$126
MTH-243Statistics I4$52$0
MTH-251Calculus I5$60$0
MTH-252Calculus II5$60$0
MTH-254Vector Calculus5$60$300
MTH-256Differential Equations4$52$252
MTH-261Linear Algebra4$60$0
ANT-103Cultural Anthropology4$32$89.95
GEO-100Introduction to Physical Geography4$32$174.60
HST-101History of Western Civilization4$72$122.85
PSY-200Psychology as a Natural Science4$32$128
PSY-215Introduction Developmental Psychology4$32$142
SOC-204Introduction to Sociology4$112$170
SOC-206Institutions and Social Change4$32$60
WS-101Introduction to Women's Studies4$32$35.90

* Course fees listed do not include the General Student and Technology Fee ($8 per credit) or the College Services Fee ($28 per term). Fees are subject to change. Listed fees reflect 2018-2019 rates.

Bridge 2 Success

Bridge2Success helps students get on track by moving quickly through math and writing courses. Students can earn six free college credits in Bridge2Success during summer 2019!

Students can select from one four-credit math (MTH-095, MTH-098) or writing (WRD-098) class, plus a required two-credit First Year Experience (FYE-101) course.

To participate, students must:

  • Live in Clackamas County.
  • Have recently graduated high school/completed a GED OR be graduating high school/completing a GED in Spring 2019.
  • Commit to attending classes during the entire eight-week summer term, June 24 – August 16.
  • Apply to CCC or already have a CCC account.
  • Meet with a PASS advisor and place into MTH-095, MTH-098, or WRD-098.
  • Meet with an academic advisor at CCC prior to registration.

Summer 2019 programs are now closed. Check back later for Summer 2020 programming!

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