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To enroll in a High School Connections program at CCC, you must first apply to CCC to create a student account. After you apply and receive your student ID number, you can register for a High School Connections program. Each program has specific registration deadlines. To find out your registration deadlines, visit the main High School Connections webpage and select your high school.

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All High School Connections programs require you to apply to CCC and have a CCC account before you can register for college credit. Once you have applied, you will receive an email with your myClackamas username, password and CCC student ID number. Be sure to keep this information! You will need it to register for your college courses, check grades and eventually request transcripts.

The account you create now will be the same account you use later. You do not need to apply again once you have a CCC account. If you already have a CCC account, continue to registration. If you are unsure if you already have a CCC account or if you have forgotten your myClackamas login information, please email hsconnections@clackamas.edu. We are here to help!

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How to register for college courses taken at your high school or other designated location (Advanced College Credit and High School Plus programs):


Log In to your myClackamas account

Log In to your myClackamas account. Use your student email and password.

Find Your Classes

On the left of the student portal screen, under CougarTrax, click on "Registration" and select "Register for Sections" from the drop-down menu. To find your classes, enter ONLY the term in the first box and the high school instructor's last name in the last box.


Select the appropriate classes, click "Submit." The classes you selected will come up once more. On the left of each class, drop-down the action bar to "RG Register" and click "Submit."

Verify Registration

View your class schedule by clicking "Account Information" and "My Class Schedule" on the left sidebar to verify you have registered correctly for your classes.

How to register for college courses at CCC (Expanded Options / Early College, and all other high school students):

If you are expecting to have your courses paid for by your high school or school district, you must talk to your high school counselor before registering. Some high schools and school districts require meeting with the High Schools Connections advisor at CCC to complete additional paperwork prior to registering. If you are under 16 and want to take a CCC class, you will need to get permission from the instructor and fill out the CCC Under 16 Enrollment Consent Form.

Printable High School Connections Registration Resources

Late ACC Registration Appeal

If you missed the ACC registration deadline, you may be able to submit a Late ACC Registration appeal. To appeal for late registration, students must fill out the Late ACC Registration Appeal Form and submit it no later than two weeks after the registration period closes each term. For more information, contact accinfo@clackamas.edu.


CCC staff cannot release student information to parents or guardians without signed permission from students. Students may release information by submitting a FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) form online. This allows the person/people specified on the form to communicate with CCC on the students' behalf.

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